The next course offering at TranceformU is ThetaHealing Basic Practitioner (also known as Basic DNA), Friday, Nov. 1 through Sunday, Nov 3, 2019.  Click here for more Information about the course.

At TranceformU, you will be able to find Workshops for Personal Development and Professional Certification Courses.  As always, I continue to offer Private Sessions for those seeking individual attention.

Abundance Event My Office

Workshop at TranceformU Stuart, Florida

I am Elizabeth Campbell, Director of TranceformU, and I invite you to browse this site to see the current offerings and learn more about the modalities I use.

Private clients have been the backbone of my career for many years.  However, it was always my dream to hold group events that would bring people together in a sense of community to learn from the activities of the class, and also to learn from and be inspired by each other.

The response to the workshops has been so positive that new workshops continue to be added and favorite ones are repeated.

NGH Mind Model Presentation

Class at NGH Conference Massachusetts

I invite you to add yourself to the email list to find out about events and classes first and to be eligible for special discounts which will be offered through email to our list only.  I respect your privacy and only send emails when there is something of value to share.  No emails are shared or sold.

Presentation at Mind Your Power    Beirut, Lebanon