Mending the Broken Heart Seminar

Presented by Peter O’Dell,  Certified Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Trainer

I am proud to present my friend and colleague, Peter O’Dell, who has years of success stories with his speciality in untangling people from the effects and after effects of broken hearts.  Elizabeth Campbell

If you yourself have a broken heart, here is your chance to mend it. This is a one-day participation
program that you can use for yourself or for your clients (there’s no shortage). If you are a hypnotist,
coach or some sort of therapist, here is a potential new source of income.
Broken hearts have to do with disappointments in love and relationships. But love is mystical. It just
happens, right? Wrong! It is a decision that you make at a subconscious level. Destiny doesn’t have much
to do with it. Love and its after affects can be changed just like any other emotion.
What is the source of your emotions—the conscious or the subconscious mind? Think back to a time when
you fell in love. Did you wake up on a Tuesday morning and say to yourself, “I’m going to go out and find
somebody to fall in love with today. Let’s see, I’ve tried jerks and losers already. What about a slob? Yep,
that’s it. I’m going to go find a slob and fall in love with them today.”
Is that how it happened? I don’t think so. It was sort of magical, wasn’t it? And it seemed to just happen—
maybe very quickly or maybe it took a while. And it seemed—dare I say it—”automatic,” didn’t it?
That is because the process of falling in love is carried out in the subconscious mind. In fact, all emotions
are created in the subconscious mind. And almost everyone believes that they have little control over their
emotions, because they are not aware of the process that creates them. They are not aware of the three
“languages” the subconscious uses to create emotions.
But the more you understand that it is a process, albeit a subconscious one, then the more you realize
that you can change it. Also, it is no longer an automatic process out of your control, but one that can be
brought under control. There is more to it, too, that can be used for an instrument of rapid change.
The seminar will demonstrate how to use hypnosis and NLP techniques to rapidly change how you (your
client) feels. If you are doing hypnosis as a business, this could be a new stream of income–with a little
advertising and practice, it can become a flood.

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