Clearing and Grounding for the Practitioner and Caregiver

This workshop is appropriate for those in all areas of healing professions, caregivers and those who simply work closely with others.

We all have an energy field, but because it is invisible, it is often ignored.  Many whose work is helping others also have the habit of putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own.   At the end of the day, the practitioner or caregiver is often tired and worn out.  What evolves over time is a state of physical, psychical and emotional burn out.

This workshop focuses on ways to keep one’s own energy field cleared of “empathic debris”, which is energy picked up from others, ways to stay comfortably grounded and ways to keep the physical and emotional energy at a comfortable working level.

You will also learn how to protect your energy from the negativity of others.

This is an experiential course in which you will not just learn about these techniques.  You will experience them and leave the workshop energized, cleared and grounded.

All you need for these techniques is your own body/mind/spirit.  No external tools required!

We all have an energy field.   Come and learn how to take care of yours.