Should you need to change or cancel an appointment, it is necessary to do so by 9:00 AM the weekday prior to your session, so that time can be reassigned. A minimum of 2 hours is set aside for your appointment, and often your session times are allocated more time than that, especially for first appointments. Thank you for understanding the need for courtesy so that your time can be reassigned. from the waiting list. (There is no way to reassign from the waiting list for same day cancellations.) Real emergencies happen, so please reserve last minute cancellation for actual emergencies only.
Payment through either Zelle or Venmo is required by 9:00 AM on the weekday prior to the start time of the session. This is to make sure that the time spent is only for the session itself. The new reality of online sessions and payments has been an adjustment for many. Much time has been spent helping people find and use their apps. I now have to ask you to do this work ahead of time. I appreciate your understanding. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me.