Client Registration Form

I look forward to working with you in your upcoming session. The form below is sent directly to me and is not stored anywhere on this website, for your security. No financial information is requested here. As a reminder, as of May24, 2021, the fee for the first session is $198 and the fee for any follow-ups, is $170.

Although my information for receiving payments is included on the form below, please make a note of the info below for your use in setting up payment on one of these two payment platforms/apps:

Zelle ID: This is my preferred method of payment. It is a secure, bank to bank transfer.

Venmo: I would like to keep Venmo as an option for your convenience, but it will take your adherence to not putting in notes other than your name for me to be able to continue making this available to you.

On Venmo, in the note section, include ONLY the client first name and last initial, Do not put in ANY other notes!

Venmo ID: @Elizabeth-Campbell-140 and follow the specific directions above.

Payment and Registration Form are due by 10:00 AM, the day prior to your session.

Cancellation Policy: Sessions may be rescheduled with at least 24 hour notice. Sometimes emergencies do happen. Please use courtesy and save any last minute cancellations for real emergencies.


Client Registration

Client Registration