Private Sessions

Private Sessions are a wonderful way to get personalized help making many types of change, from releasing bad habits to changing your emotions to a positive frame of mind.  I seamlessly incorporate Hypnosis, NLP and ThetaHealing into private sessions according to individual needs and preference.

People often phone me to ask if Hypnotism can help with their issues.  Some want to experience ThetaHealing and others have an interest in NLP.  If your problem has anything at all to do with the mind, then it can be helped with the use of these methods.

There are actually limitless ways to harness the power of the mind to provide positive change when you are able to access the subconscious.  It is there that all the programming, habits, emotions, and interpretations of a lifetime are held.

Even when a person is experiencing physical pain, the mind can be trained to help in the mitigation of the sensation of pain.

If you want to improve a sport, again, the mental part of the game is a tremendous part of the solution to the problem.

In working with troublesome events from the past, I cannot change your history, but I can guide your subconscious to change how it perceives the past, how it judges the past and how it reacts to the past.  That is a powerful combination that allows positive change to occur on many levels.

I am often asked to help with medically based issues, such as pain management and depression.  Hypnosis has been proven to be very effective in many cases such as this, and other issues that pertain to a diagnosed condition.  However, in order for me to work with such issues (sometimes referred to as hypnotherapy), I do so with a referral from the appropriate physician or licensed health care professional.  This is in accordance with the Florida statutes.

I am always happy to answer individual questions regarding private sessions and how I approach my work.

Session Details:

An initial private session is typically 2 to 2 1/2 hours in length, but can go longer.  I charge by the session, not by the hour, so you always know what your investment will be.

Subsequent sessions are typically shorter, 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

During the initial session, there is plenty of time to ask questions about the modalities I use and to be sure that I know what your personal goals and issues are before beginning the work.  Often issues are resolved in a single session.  This is highly individual and there is no way to predict in advance if you will need follow-up work or not.  It is your decision whether to seek further work after the initial session.

Many of my clients become so excited about how easily they have changed something in their lives that they come back to work on other areas.  It is exciting and gratifying to see people walk away from problems that have weighed them down for years.

For further information on the ThetaHealing services offered by Elizabeth Campbell, click here.

My Fees:

The fee for the first session is $198.00.

The fee for the subsequent session(s)  is $170.00.

These rates are still valid at the date of this posting, May 11, 2021.  I will attempt to keep this website payment application up to date, but please be sure to check with me prior to your session to ascertain that the fee rate listed here is still valid.

During this time of ‘telehealth’ , use of Zoom and sometimes Skype, all payments are electronic.  I am currently accepting Zelle and Venmo.  Upon setting an appointment, instructions are emailed to you along with your electronic Registration Form.