ThetaHealing Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner Certification

Vianna and Beth

Elizabeth and Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing

The prerequisites for this course are ThetaHealing Basic and Advanced Practitioner Certifications.

Students will receive a Manifesting CD by Vianna Stibal and a Manual.

In this class, the ThetaHealer learns how to more specifically work on issues of abundance, success and prosperity.  Along with learning specific areas to work with on a personal basis, the practitioner receives a manual which includes approximately 100 beliefs and programs to test for and change.

During the class, the practitioner receives the benefit of all 100 beliefs and programs being changed as well as learning how to work with previous skills to bring about remarkable change in the areas of Abundance.

Also during the class, each student’s own beliefs and programs are tested, changed and remodeled!

There is more practice with Manifesting as it applies to working with self and others.

This is a great addition to your skills as a ThetaHealer!

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